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Whispering Gallery

Whispering Gallery is a 44-page magazine published by the Dorothy Dunnett Society.  It contains articles and letters about the works of Dorothy Dunnett, the periods and locations in which they are set, and news about the Society’s activities. Whispering Gallery is published four times a year.

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Highlights of Issue 116, despatched to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in September 2012:

  • Oxford Day 2012
  • Dorothy Dunnett’s Fictional Mothers
  • Will Scott as Reader
  • Alice Perrers: A Fine Rival to Oonagh O’Dwyer
  • Macbeth and his Origins, Pt 1
  • The Plots Thicken: ‘Same Difference’ and The Lymond Chronicles
  • Discovering Dorothy Dunnett
  • Living Dreams
  • Reivers Reviewed: The Common Riding at Langholm
  • Alfred, Fraud Tennyson