Dorothy Dunnett Society (ddsociety) wrote in dunnettcentral,
Dorothy Dunnett Society

New release: Niccolò Rising audiobook

Niccolò Rising is now available as an unabridged audiobook, read by Gordon Griffin – and if you buy it using the Dorothy Dunnett Society's special Amazon link about 5% of what you spend will be donated to the Society as a referral fee.  (The Society will not know who you are.)  Buy Niccolò Rising on audio CD here.

Update 18 May 2014: The audiobook of Niccolò Rising is on sale at and at  If you use our affiliate links to buy it from Audible at full price or take out Audible membership in order to buy Niccolò Rising at a knockdown price, the Dorothy Dunnett Society will benefit.  Please visit for more details.
Tags: amazon, audible, audiobook, gordon griffin, niccolo rising
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